Get Involved

Welcome to our community volunteer activation hub!


The committee to support the Quality Teachers, Staff, and Schools Measure is a volunteer-run organization and we need your help to get this measure over the finish line! There are many ways you can help the campaign. Take a look at the opportunities for campaign involvement below and email the campaign if you have any questions at

Pass Out Campaign Information at a Community Event   The campaign is working hard to spread the word about the parcel tax measure. Help us pass out campaign leaflets at an upcoming community event! Contact us to sign up by clicking HERE.

Host a Community Coffee   Campaigns are won one conversation at a time. Invite your friends and neighbors over to learn about the Quality Teachers, Staff, and Schools Measure. The campaign can provide you with a coffee kit and conversation guide to help you share your support of the parcel tax.

Host a $20 for 2020 Home Fundraiser   This campaign is funded by grassroots donors and we’ve made it easy to put on a low dollar fundraiser right from the comfort of your home! $20 for 2020 fundraisers are a small but mighty way to help fund mailing and other campaign expenses that will be utilized closer to the election.

Endorse the Measure   Do you support the Quality Teachers, Staff and Schools Measure? The campaign needs your endorsement! Lending your name to the campaign can help move a close friend or neighbor who may be undecided on this issue. Stand with our schools and endorse the measure today!

Request a Lawn Sign   Click HERE today to reserve your campaign lawn sign!


Click each button below to download important campaign information. Questions? Email us at